The Destination of 3 Words I Love You

Thursday, April 24, 2014

8 letters,
1 meaning;
A deeply tender,
Passionate care
For another person.
The phrase gets misapply,
And misjudged.
Most people don't know
What it's like to feel love...!!!

A Love Romantic Poem Quote Why I Love You

A Love Romantic Poem Quote Why I Love You

You give to me courage
And help me to survive
When life tugs me down
You bring me up
You teach me to care
And support me to share
You make me truthful
With sympathy the best
I love you because you are so caring, thoughtful and kind
I love you because you are so lovely, pretty and sharing...!!!

Love Painful Sad Poems Collection and Image

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Sad Alone Love Poem Sitting alone under the stars so light

Sitting alone under the stars so light,
I desire you were here holding me tight.
All days without you feels like eternity,
I desire the day will come that you can be with me.
I miss your touch, your hug, your odor,
Why am I in this ditch, my own hell?
I miss you so much I cannot support to cry,
So much aloneness I am about to die.
The memories we shared all looks but a dream,
But then I think of your sweetest word,
That you love me and need me, I start to cry.
My love please come back I want your breath,
I will love you always even after death...!!!

Missing Lover Sad Poem My Heart pains

My Heart pains
My heart pains when I talk to you
My heart pains when I do not hear from you
My heart pains when I long for you.
I do not know why
You have taken over my feelings
I can’t clarify
You are still a stranger
Far away
I want you close by
I miss your hug
Holding you near
My heart pains
I miss you...!!!

Love poem I want you so much it hurts my love girl boy couple

I want you so much it hurts, my love
I want you with like fiber of my being
I want you like there is no night,
I want you deeply, it's all my loving.
I want you with my whole heart
I wish we were no longer separately...!!!
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