Peace and Quiet the Poem.

I want you to stay. 
Like the old coins and bread crumbs, 
I want to find you tucked between my couch cushions
when the rain has me so lonely, 
I go looking for you in the only place I know you’ll be.

You are hand knit and fresh brewed. 
All wool socks and tattoos. 
You are small town pretty
a lighthouse in an old Texas dust bowl. 
You are long road rest stop,
dark sky and bright stars.
You are peace and true quiet, 
the place I leave my permanence when I feel held down by this life of hiding. 
You are the body I call home, 
so when I drive too far to turn back I don’t feel gone, just drifted.

You have built entire lives on the idea of running,
entire families on the absence of home. 
Can the open road really hold you like those couch cushions could?
Of course it would if you’d let it.,
of course I would if you’d let me.

Quit hiding so hard.
Just let it happen like it always will.

I want you to stay, 
because I don’t wanna have to go...!!!

A Night on the River the Poem.

The water was smoke, we fell in
To the fog of that river in summer time
As if we believed we could inhale
The entire ocean. You wore cut off
Shorts and a blank shirt, your face
Forgot what make-up was for a moment.

For a while we forgot our time
And believed, once again, the world
Was flat. As if we could fall off
At any second into oblivion. 
I would have followed you
Forever, as we floated that river
Unafraid of where the world might end...!!!

Sometimes the Poem.

I wonder if you’ve thought
about capturing our moments
in small polaroids 
or quick snap shots
the way I sometimes
capture my thoughts of you
down on stained napkins
perfectly creased paper
sometimes even on my skin
when I think a thought
I can’t get away from
and it’ll assault me
over and
just like there’s no escaping
ink on the skin
until you wash it all off
and scrub at it
after dedicating all of your attention
to that one
of skin.

Like the patch of skin
under your belly button
that my tongue is dying 
to learn the taste of.

Or that patch of skin
even lower,
that I’ve only touched
for such a short amount of time
I’m not sure whether 
I should jump and rejoice 
or fall to the ground crying
in want and desperation.

Would you keep the picture?
If you took one of me
even the worst of pictures
showing me in all of my 
uneven, stretched out glory
would you keep it
and let it assault you
like I’ve kept my poems?

Have you thought about
capturing these memories
or am I 


Closet Time the Poem.

I stored you in my
Some time ago.

I take a peek,
From time to

It is only in my
Darkest of hours,
That I seem to need you-
Scratch that.

It is only in my
Darkest of hours,
That I know
I need you.

I sit in the closet with 
And cry into your arms.

You put a bandage on my heart,
Like a school nurse,
And with a kiss,
Release me back into the world,
Like the messenger pigeon
I am.

At night I
Will stare at the closet
And feel too scared to

I’m scared
That you will lash out
One day
And destroy me for
My cruelty and 

The same cruelty and
That I cry to you about,
Then pass on to you,
Like a disease.

You never do.
I open the door,
And there you are waiting.

I cringe when I
The time we spend apart,
Is the time you spend
Waiting for me.

I cry to myself,
Because I know
You will wait in my closet
Until you die.

Your heart
Has had a gaping hole
For so long
That you find 
Life in my closet
A less lonely life
Than the life you lived
With your grief.

I diet often,
Making myself

I should’ve been making myself

To fill that hole in your heart...!!!

The Pawn Shop of Broken Dreams the Poem.

Come on in
What do you need?

I’ve got shelves stacked high, full of old unwanted things
I’ve got astronauts, billionaires, and movie stars
I’ve got quarterbacks, artists, and drumming gods
Cowboys and pilots and preachers
and doctors and lawyers and preachers
We’re all told to reach for the stars

But sometimes we fall hard

and I’m the man who goes to the crash
and picks up the pieces that are left
Most of my trips are to old toy boxes
picking up old dinosaurs and matchboxes
Because this was the freedom we once had
To escape the reality of how bad this world is
but now reality sets in
Mortgages, deaths, and check-ins and check outs
Have defined our exsistence
and don’t have that freedom we once had
playing bang bang you’re dead

And if you’ll look up and down the street

You’ll see we’re on skid row
Where you won’t be confronted by men in three piece suits
but rather druggies who have nothing to lose
because they pawned off all their dreams to me
Yes, I am the owner of the pawn shop of broken dreams
I have so many plans you won’t ever see
Stacked high on my shelves for you to strain to reach
And if you’ll look high enough
There’s that house that you’ve always wanted
But it’s over priced and over your head
So you give up instead
And over there, that’s the job you hoped for

That you lived, breathed, and paid for
But you let it slip away, because you won’t work for it
And there are those legs that your brother needs
The treatment that your father breathes,
The insulin that your mother bleeds
But you don’t want to talk about it
You feel as if you close your eyes it will all go away
and tomorrow will be a brighter day
But this shop has all those dark clouds you tried to block out
it has something for you, and you, and you and… me
You see, there’s a special place in the back for me
Filled with my personal broken dreams
Back there I have my college degree
A spot on the songwriting scene
A star on Hollywood Boulevard
and even the key to your heart
Leaving so soon?
Just remember where this place is
Because in the showcase, hanging in the glass
Is your future

And it’s going fast...!!!

Be Alone No More, My Love The Poem.

You’re all alone

Those green eyes hold
So much pain
So much darkness
You feel as though there’s no one there
Who will understand
Who will connect
I see that
And it tears at my soul
Seeing your pain
Is like ripping my heart out with a dull knife

And I’m trying to reach you
As fast as I can
Because you’re terribly close to breaking
Can’t you see me past the lights?
Of course you can’t
But you can feel me
And I’m hoping that’s enough
To give me a chance
To get into the light

And grab hold of your hand

It’ll happen soon
You’ll see
Just keep on going
Wait for me
And you will be alone no more

I will be alone no more

The world and You The Poem.

Roses are red, violets blue
It seems like living has become hard to do
But there is a story to be said of the world & you.
I know that you think that humanity is doomed
But as long you are still breathing, that is far from true.
Stay strong & make it through
Because within struggle is truth
You have strength so powerful
You can find the beautiful
In wonders so awful.

There is something incredible inside you
That marks you a force the world cannot lose
For you bring life meaning & your mind is the tool
That makes the world more tolerable.
The story of the world & you will never be complete
Until the last breath you breathe

So please

Keep making the best of your humanity.
Because as roses are red & violets are blue

True wisdom & power in this world lies in you...!!!

Faceless The Poem.

I know you feel me
Just like I feel you
I could hear your heart beat twenty times faster
Because I was near
My heart beat just as fast
I am faceless to you
But you are not faceless to me

I’ve seen you
I know your face well
And I know you looked
And I know you tried
And I know you held on so tight
By the end of the night

But you had to let go
We both left in different directions
You heading towards the light
Myself barely there
But don’t worry my dear
You won’t be alone for long
You’ll be seeing me soon
When I am no longer


Don’t Take Away The Poem.

Just tell me now
How I found
Someone so willing
So determined
To fight for me
Everything will be okay
Is what you say
Each and everyday
And I believe it’s true
Nothing will keep me from you
Distance in miles
But not in heart

Don’t take my
Feelings away

I want this more,
Than anything
Tell me now
Just how you feel
Take my hand
And say the words
Look into my eyes
And see my faith
In all that you are
In all that we can be
In all that we are

Don’t take my
Feelings away

Let this last
I keep you close
When I think
About all I want
You’re in my mind
I don’t want you to,
Fade away
Stay close to me
Take my hand
Once again
Follow me
And just believe
Everything that I say
And that mean

Don’t take my
Feelings away

When you’re near
Whether screen or skin
I know I’m better
I can believe
That I do deserve good

And it’s you...!!!

Let You Go The Poem.

“let me go”
That’s what you said
To me when I give my heart to you
I close my eyelids

And saw flying images,

I know you didn’t mean to
But you wounded me
Right here, where my heart is
If I could just open my beating heart,
And make your wish come true

And make you happy.

I’d do it
Even if my heart won’t beat again.
That night when I got home
I drank lots of coffee
Trying to keep my eyes open
Just so I can remember your arms
And your twinkling eyes
If I could just make you happy
I’d do it
I swear I would I’m doing it right now

I let you go...!!!

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