Would You Love Me A Romentic Poem

Friday, July 5, 2013

Would You Love Me? The Poem

Would You?

Would you protect me?
Fight for me?
Be with me?
Would you be there when I cry?
Would you be there to help me try?
Would you make me laugh?
Would you make our love last?
Would you open up to me?

Vent to me?
Never pretend with me?
Would you let me help you?
Would you tell me what you desire to do?
Would you look to me for comfort?
Would you let me show you what you are worth?
Would you play with me?

Daydream with me?
Say anything you want to me?
Would you trust me?
Would you never lie to me?
Would you let me do the same?
Would you play me like a game?
Would you pressure me?

Hurt me?
Curse me?
Would you throw me away like a broken doll?
Would you say I meant nothing at all?
Would you grab me and never let go?
Would you hug me and ask me not to go?
Would you let me help conquer your fears?

Wipe away your tears?
Introduce me to your peers?
Would you keep me a hidden secret?
Would you never speak of it?
Would you block me off?
Would it be your loss?
Would never do these hateful things?

Never be mean?
Always let us be seen?
Would you show me off to the world?
Would you make sure I was heard?
Would you apologize after our fights?
Would you really treat me right...???


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