Best Poems Collection About Love And Life with cute and beautiful images.

Embrace of a Lover The Poem.

Embrace of a lover, shaking hands, withdrawn heart,
you resemble a ghost  caught unaware between two worlds. 
But, as my fingers caress your skin, 
the hairs on the back of your neck shiver to attention, awaiting instruction.

I wore the perfume of expendability. Many a man deserted me
and the reflection in the mirror mocked me with its distorted inveracities.
To escape myself, I contrived you out of darkness,
like a moonlit night, like smoldering ash.

Yet, the minute of illumination approaches, and I need you.
Embrace of skin, of snow, of a frigid and fading apparition.
Ah, the cadence of the heartbeat!  Ah, the eyes of pity!
Ah, the shudder of the groin! Ah, your sighs, remorseful and resigned!

Embrace of my lover, I will remember you always.
My desire, my nostalgic memory, my endless corridor!
Dust-trimmed sitting room where the desire fades,
and emotion fades, and ceaseless confinement.

I wear the perfume of gladiolus. No one pursues me
and no reflections appear in the mirror stained with age.
To perpetuate ourselves, we create reminders of our presence,
like indentations upon the settee, like shadows upon the wall...!!!

Your Haunting Image The Poem.

Your image haunts my dreams that 
I could cry to wake to no one
But the furniture unpolished
Shiny only by a sunrise

My eyes stare across the park hill
Dreaming of the day you say you need me
Only not the way they see me
But the many ways I dreamed
At peace I slept unstartled
Til i’m wakened from a haunting image

I see me alone...!!!

How can I tell you I love you the poem.

How can I tell you I love you,
with all the fullness I feel?

Can I show you with gifts,
a shower,
a drizzle,
a hurricane of objects
each serving to illustrate my passion?
Can I sing it in music,
selecting song 
after song
to sing down the angels
so they may herald to you my love?

Can I paint the world for you
in pastels
and jewel tones,
and oils,
every color,
to etch a rainbow of desire upon your skies?

Can I show you with touch,
hold you close,
until we meld together
and no one can tell us apart?

Can I tell you with words,
with a dictionary of desperate phrases,
baring my soul for your perusal,
opening to you my tender heart,
aching for love of you?

Or can I simply love you,
an equal heart to mine,
with all my love,
my heart,
my soul,
and never let myself stray from your side?

It is with this heart, 
imperfect and plain,
these words,
quiet and true,
my simple gifts,
my fragile arts,
all these that I love you.

All these I share with you, 
to show you my love,
simple and plain,

and all for you...!!!

I Thought of You the Other Day The Poem.

I thought of you the other day.
Missed your smile ,
lame clothes,
And messy hair.

I missed us,
Runs through tall grass,
Games barefoot in the creek.
The music played,

And soothed our souls,
Once joining you and me.
We’d watch movies,
Idly sit,

And let time leave us behind.  
I go back to those moments,

I can still see your face.
So close to mine,
So perfect.
And now I wonder,

These moments still invade my mind.
The same things we shared,
I’ve shared before,

And shared more since.
And so I wonder,

I thought of you the other day...!!!

My One and only Seceret Love The Poem.

My one and only seceret love
Every time I see you
I wish that you knew.
I wish I didn’t have to hide
These feelings for you.

Every time we talk
New feelings emerge.
I wish I didn’t have to pretend
That I’m okay with just being friends.

Every time we’re together
I think how we should be with each other.
I wish that I could show you
The way I truly feel.

But no matter what happens
Or where we end up.
You will always be

My one and only secret love...!!!

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