Best Poems Collection  About Life..

The Tree of Life

Coiled spring, analogous
tension & pressure,
prehistoric neighborhood,
cauldron of nuclear power:

we were drinking gin &
tonics from the planet’s jaw
when the news came. Roses
are red, violets are blue jeans;

cupcakes are cop-food, death
is a dinosaur (extinct, et cetera)
whispering the future is an
old friend shouting “don’t

be afraid.” Dear degeneracy,
dearer street map of Texas,
dearest thrust-to-rocket ratio

from which God puts cock to
abyss: Modernity, my fucker,
is the natural language
of structure; our goodwill
gets complicated when

we break Hell in unsimple
shapes. Fourth of July,
fifth of July, sixth of stellar
lighthouses surrounding

space, seventh: one is
always coming upon some
American city whispering I am
some American city & I am

the desire to be within it
when the sun fries. We dance
under the asterisks, dip our
toes in the ink. The odds the
stars will write our sentence

remain incredibly low...!!!

Play in the Dark The Poem

Even the cold hearted do not like to be cold
Their life quivers
Close to shatter
Those who stay in the dark are easy played,

Even the warmest people do not like to be hot
Their life overwhelming
Close to explosion
Those who stay out to play get left in the dark,

Even the dark hearted do not like the dark
Their life in fear
Close to nightmare
Those who become the dark rather not play at all,

Everyone deals with darkness and parts they do not like
Their life sold in secret
Closed off to others

It is pointless to play where you cannot see...!!!

Love Overdosing The Poem.

some in love with that material but
love enters my life like a miracle and
it’s reciprocal and ubiquitous 
love exhibiting our natural behaviors
like making it under the moon in jamaica,

giving voice to my soul
it’s my heart you’re living in
it’s your ocean I’m swimming in
love’s potion overdosing
is approaching...!!!

This is not your typical love letter.
I am in love.
Not with the guy next door
or the charming jock

Or even the bad boy...!!!

No, I am in love with the people on the streets.

I am in love with their smiles.
I am in love with their surprise when their casual How are you? doesn’t turn out to be rhetorical.
I am in love with their intense honesty when I ask them the same question in return.
I am in love with the hope that swells in their hearts when I lock eyes with them and they realize they might not be invisible after all.
I am in love with the artist and musician and scholar in each one of them.
I am in love with their humanity

And nothing breaks my heart more than seeing their downcast gazes fixed on the hard, unfeeling ground
As if they don’t believe themselves worthy to be seen

I wish I could just place them in front of mirror
So they could understand how beautiful they are
Especially during those moments
When someone else reassures them that they truly do exist.

I am in love. But I don’t know how to tell them yet.

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