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99 Names of ALLAH with Urdu and English Teanslation and Images

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الله - معبود حقیقی
ALLAH - The Greatest Name
Allah, He who has the Godhood which is the power to create the entities.

الرحمن - حد سے زیادہ مہربان 
Al-Rehman - The All-Compassionate
The Compassionate, The Beneficent, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter.

الرحيم - نہایت رحم کرنے والا
Ar-Raheem - The Merciful
The Merciful, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers.

الملك - حقیقی بادشاہ
Al-Malik - The Absolute Ruler
The King, The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion, the One Whose Dominion is clear from imperfection.

القدوس - ہرعیب اور نقص سے پاک
Al-Quddos - The Pure One
The Holy, The One who is pure from any imperfection and clear from children and adversaries.

السلام - سلامتی والا، سلامتی دینے والا
As-Salam - The Source of Peace
The Source of Peace, The One who is free from every imperfection.

المؤمن - امن دینےوالا،ایمان دینے والا،تصدیق کرنے والا
Al-Mu'min - The Inspirer of Faith
Guardian of Faith, The One who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. And He witnessed for His believers that they are truthful in their belief that no one is God but Him.

المهيمن - نگہبانی کرنے والا،محافظ،نگران
Al-Muhaymin - The Guardian
The Protector, The One who witnesses the saying and deeds of His creatures.

العزيز - سب پرغالب،غالبہ دینے والا
Al-Aziz - The Victorious
The Mighty, The Strong, The Defeater who is not defeated.

الجبار - ملانے والا،زورآور،بلند وبالا،بڑا زبردست
Al-Jabbar - The Compeller
The Compeller, The One that nothing happens in His Dominion except that which He willed.

المتكبر-  بڑا ئی والا
Al-Mutakabbir - The Greatest
The Majestic, The One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures and from resembling them.

الخالق - پیدا کرنے والا،اندازہ کرنے والا
Al-Khaliq - The Creator
The Creator, The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence.

البارئ - پیدا کرنے والا،ایجاد کائننے والا،جان ڈالنے والا
Al-Bari - The Maker of Order
The Evolver, The Maker, The Creator who has the Power to turn the entities.

المصور - صورت بنانے والا
Al-Musawwir - The Shaper of Beauty
The Fashioner, The One who forms His creatures in different pictures.

الغفار - خوب بخشنےوالا،ڈھانپنےوالا،بارباربخشنےوالا،ہرگناہ کوبخشنے والا
Al-Ghaffar - The Forgiving
The Great Forgiver, The Forgiver, The One who forgives the sins of His slaves time and time again.

القهار - بہت زیادہ زبردست،سب کو اپنے قابو میں رکھنے والا
Al-Qahhar - The Subduer
The Subduer, The Dominant, The One who has the perfect Power and is not unable over anything.

الوهاب - بہت زیادہ دینے والا،سب کچھ عطا کرنے والا
Al-Wahhab - The Giver of All
The Bestower, The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return. He is everything that benefits whether Halal or Haram.

الرزاق - رزق دینے والا
Ar-Razzaq - The Sustainer
The Sustainer, The Provider.

الفتاح - خوب کھولنے والا،مدد کرنے والا،مشکل کشا
Al-Fattah - The Opener
The Opener, The Reliever, The Judge, The One who opens for His slaves the closed worldy and religious matters.

العليم - وسیع علم والا
Al-Alim - The Knower of All
The All-knowing, The Knowledgeable; The One nothing is absent from His knowledge.

القابض - روزی کوتنگ کرنے والا،قبض کرنے والا
Al-Qabid - The Constrictor
The Constricter, The Retainer, The Withholder, The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdomand expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy.

الباسط - روزی کشادہ کرنے والا،فراغ کرنے والا
Al-Basit - The Reliever
The Expander, The Englarger, The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdomand expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy.

الخافض - نیچے کرنے والا،پست کرنے والا
Al-Khafid - The Abaser
The Abaser, The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment.

الرافع - اونچا کرنے والا
Ar-Rafi - The Exalter
The Exalter, The Elevator, The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment.

المعز - عزت دینے والا
Al-Mu'izz - The Bestower of Honors
The Honorer, He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem.

المذل - ذلّت دینے والا،حقیرکرنے والا،ذلیل کرنے والا
Al-Mudhill - The Humiliator
The Dishonorer, The Humiliator, He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem.

السميع - بہت سننے والا، ہرآوازکو سننے والا
As-Sami - The Hearer of All
The All-Hearing, The Hearer, The One who Hears all things that are heard by His Eternal Hearing without an ear, instrument or organ.

البصير - بہت زیادہ دیکھنے والا،ہر چیز ہر جگہ ہے
Al-Basir - The Seer of All
The All-Seeing, The One who Sees all things that are seen by His Eternal Seeing without a pupil or any other instrument.

الحكم - حاکم،فیصلہ کرنے والااورحکم چلانے والا
Al-Hakam - The Judge
The Judge, He is the Ruler and His judgment is His Word.

العدل - انصاف کرنے والا
Al-Adl - The Just
The Just, The One who is entitled to do what He does.

اللطيف - نرمی و مہربانی کرنے والا،لطف و کرم کنی والا،باریک بین
Al-Latif - The Subtle One
The Subtle One, The Gracious, The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them.

الخبير - خبر رکھنے والا،خبر دار،مکمل باخبر
Al-Khabir - The All-Aware
The Aware, The One who knows the truth of things.

الحليم - بڑے تحمل والا،بردباد
Al-Halim - The Forbearing
The Forebearing, The Clement, The One who delays the punishment for those who deserve it and then He might forgive them.

العظيم - سب سے بڑا،عظمت والا
Al-Azim - The Magnificent
The Great One, The Mighty, The One deserving the attributes of Exaltment, Glory, Extolement,and Purity from all imperfection.

الغفور - بخشنے والا،تمام گناہوں کو معاف کرنے والا
Al-Ghafur - The Forgiver and Hider of Faults
The All-Forgiving, The Forgiving, The One who forgives a lot.

الشكور - قدردان
Ash-Shakur - The Rewarder of Thankfulness
The Grateful, The Appreciative, The One who gives a lot of reward for a little obedience.

العلی - بہت بلند،عالی شان
Al-Ali - The Highest
The Most High, The Sublime, The One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures.

الكبير- سب سے بڑا 
Al-Kabir - The Greatest
The Most Great, The Great, The One who is greater than everything in status.

الحفيظ - حفاظت کرنے والا،محافظ
Al-Hafiz - The Preserver
The Preserver, The Protector, The One who protects whatever and whoever He willed to protect.

المقيت - ہرچیزپرنظررکھنےوالا،مقتدر
Al-Muqit - The Nourisher
The Maintainer, The Guardian, The Feeder, The Sustainer, The One who has the Power

الحسيب - حساب لینے والا،کافی ہونے والا
Al-Hasib - The Accounter
The Reckoner, The One who gives the satisfaction.

الجليل - بزرگی والا،مطلق بے پرواہ
Al-Jalil - The Mighty
The Sublime One, The Beneficent, The One who is attributed with greatness of Power and Glory of status.

الكريم - بہت کرم کرنے والا،بہت سخاوت کرنے والا،عزت والا
Al-Karim - The Generous
The Generous One, The Bountiful, The Gracious, The One who is attributed with greatness of Power and Glory of status.

الرقيب - نگہبان،نگرانی کرنے والا،محافظ
Ar-Raqib - The Watchful One
The Watcher, The Watchful, The One that nothing is absent from Him. Hence it's meaning is related to the attribute of Knowledge.

المجيب - دعا قبول کرنےوالا،جواب دینے والا
Al-Mujib - The Responder to Prayer
The Responsive, The Hearkener, The One who answers the one in need if he asks Him and rescues the yearner if he calls upon Him.

الواسع - کشادہ اور وسعت والا
Al-Wasi - The All-Comprehending
The Vast, The All-Embracing, The Knowledgeable.

الحكيم - بڑی حکمت والا،دانا بینا
Al-Hakim - The Perfectly Wise
The Wise, The Judge of Judges, The One who is correct in His doings.

الودود - بہت محبّت کرنے والا،بھلائیچاہنے والا،دوستی کرنے والا
Al-Wadud - The Loving One
The Loving, The One who loves His believing slaves and His believing slaves love Him. His love to His slaves is His Will to be merciful to them and praise them:Hence it's meaning is related to the attributes of the Will and Kalam (His attribute with which He orders and forbids and spoke to Muhammad and Musa -peace be upon them- . It is not a sound nor a language nor a letter.)

المجيد - بڑی شان والا،بڑے مرتبے والا،بزرگی والا
Al-Mjeed - The Majestic One
The Most Glorious One, The Glorious, The One who is with perfect Power, High Status, Compassion, Generosity and Kindness.

الباعث - مردوں کو اٹھا نے والا
Al-Ba'ith - The Resurrector
The Reserrector, The Raiser (from death), The One who resurrects His slaves after death for reward and/or punishment.

الشهيد - گواہ
Ash-Shahid - The Witness
The Witness, The One who nothing is absent from Him.

الحق - سچا
Al-Haqq - The Truth
The Truth, The True, The One who truly exists.

الوكيل - کارساز،کم بنانے والا،بگڑی سنوارنے والا،مختارکل
Al-Wakil - The Trustee
The Trustee, The One who gives the satisfaction and is relied upon.

القوى - طاقتور،بہت قوت والا
Al-Qawiyy - The Possessor of All Strength
The Most Strong, The Strong, The One with the complete Power.

المتين - زبردست قوت والا
Al-Matin - The Forceful One
The Firm One, The One with extreme Power which is un-interrupted and He does not get tired.

الولی - اصل دوست،مدد گار،کارساز
Al-Wali - The Governor
The Protecting Friend, The Supporter.

الحميد - تعریف کے لائق،تعریف کیا گیا
Al-Hameed - The Praised One
The Praiseworthy, The praised One who deserves to be praised.

المحصیی  - شمار کرنے والا،احاطہ کرنے والا،گننے والا
Al-Muhsi - The Appraiser
The Counter, The Reckoner, The One who the count of things are known to him.

المبدئ - پہلی بار پیدا کرنے والا،ابتداء کرنے والا
Al-Mubdi - The Originator
The Originator, The One who started the human being. That is, He created him.

المعيد - دوبارہ پیدا کرنےوالا
Al-Mueid - The Restorer
The Reproducer, The One who brings back the creatures after death.

المحیی - زندہ کرنے والا
Al-Muhyi - The Giver of Life
The Restorer, The Giver of Life, The One who took out a living human from semen that does not have a soul. He gives life by giving the souls back to the worn out bodies on the resurrection day and He makes the hearts alive by the light of knowledge.

المميت - موت دینے والا
Al-Mumeet - The Taker of Life
The Creator of Death, The Destroyer, The One who renders the living dead.

الحی - ہمیشہ زندہ رہنے والا
Al-Hayy - The Ever Living One
The Alive, The One attributed with a life that is unlike our life and is not that of a combination of soul, flesh or blood.

القيوم - قائم رکھنے والا،سنبھالنے والا
Al-Qayyum - The Self-Existing One
The Self-Subsisting, The One who remains and does not end.

الواجد - ہرچیز کا پا لنے والا
Al-Wajid - The Finder
The Perceiver, The Finder, The Rich who is never poor. Al-Wajd is Richness.

الماجد - بزرگی و بڑائی والا ٬ بڑی عظمت والا
Al-Majid - The Glorious
The One who is glorious, dignified, majestic, bountiful and exceedingly generous. The One whose essence is the perfection of majesty and glory, abounding in goodness. The One whose majesty, glory and generosity deserve all praise and honor.

الواحد - اکیلا،تن تنہا
Al-Wahid - The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible
The Unique, The One, The One without a partner.

الاحد - صرف اکیلا،تنہا
Al-Ahad - The One.
The One who has ever been and ever remains alone. The incomparable, unequalled, indivisible One. The One who is the essence of Unity. The Sole One. The One and Only One.

الصمد - بے نیازی،بے پروا،مستغنی
As-Samad - The Satisfier of All Needs
The Eternal, The Independent, The Master who is relied upon in matters and reverted to in ones needs.

القادر - قدرت رکھنے والا
Al-Qadir - The All Powerful
The Able, The Capable, The One attributed with Power.

المقتدر - پوری قدرت والا،اقتدار والا
Al-Muqtadir - The Creator of All Power
he Powerful, The Dominant, The One with the perfect Power that nothing is withheld from Him.

المقدم - آگے کرنے والا پہل کرنے والا
Al-Muqaddim - The Expediter
The Expediter, The Promoter, The One who puts things in their right places. He makes ahead what He wills and delays what He wills.

المؤخر - پیچھے کرنے والا
Al-Mu'akhkhir - The Delayer
The Delayer, the Retarder, The One who puts things in their right places. He makes ahead what He wills and delays what He wills.

الأول - سب سے اول،پہلا،ازل سے
Al-Awwal - The First
The First, The One whose Existence is without a beginning.

الآخر - سب کے بعد،پیچھے،آخری،ابد تک
Al-Akhir - The Last
The Last, The One whose Existence is without an end.

الظاهر - سب سے ظاہر،سامنے
Az-Zahir - The Manifest One
The Manifest, The One that nothing is above Him and nothing is underneath Him, hence He exists without a place. He, The Exalted, His Existence is obvious by proofs and He is clear from the delusions of attributes of bodies.

الباطن - چھپا ہوا
Al-Batin - The Hidden One
The Hidden, The One that nothing is above Him and nothing is underneath Him, hence He exists without a place. He, The Exalted, His Existence is obvious by proofs and He is clear from the delusions of attributes of bodies.

الوالی - مالک
Al-Wali - The Protecting Friend
The Governor, The One who owns things and manages them.

المتعالی - انتہائی بلند،سب سےبلندوبرتر
Al-Muta'ali - The Supreme One
The Most Exalted, The High Exalted, The One who is clear from the attributes of the creation.

البر - نیکی کرنے والا،بھلائی کنرے والا،احسان کرنے والا
Al-Barr - The Doer of Good
The Source of All Goodness, The Righteous, The One who is kind to His creatures, who covered them with His sustenance and specified whoever He willed among them by His support, protection, and special mercy.

التواب - توبہ قبول کرنےوالا،توبہ کی توفیق دینے والا
At-Tawwab - The Guide to Repentance
The Acceptor of Repentance, The Relenting, The One who grants repentance to whoever He willed among His creatures and accepts his repentance.

المنتقم - بدلہ لینے والا،انتقام لینے والا
Al-Muntaqim - The Avenger
The Avenger, The One who victoriously prevails over His enemies and punishes them for their sins. It may mean the One who destroys them.

العفو - درگزرکرنے والا،بہت زیادہ معاف کنی والا
Al-Afuww - The Forgiver
The Pardoner, The Forgiver, The One with wide forgiveness.

الرؤوف - شفقت کرنے والا،مہربانی کرنے والا،انتہائی دوست
Ar-Ra'uf - The Clement
The Compassionate, The One with extreme Mercy. The Mercy of Allah is His will to endow upon whoever He willed among His creatures.

مالك الملك - سلطنت اور بادشاہت کا مالک
Malik-al-Mulk - The Owner of All
The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty, The One who controls the Dominion and gives dominion to whoever He willed.

ذوالجلال والإكرام - بزرگی والااور سخاوت والا
Zul-Jalal wal-Ikram - The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, The One who deserves to be Exalted and not denied.

المقسط - انصاف کنی والا
Al-Muqsit - The Equitable One
The Equitable, The One who is Just in His judgment.

الجامع - جمع کرنےوالا 
Al-Jamey - The Gatherer
The Gatherer, The One who gathers the creatures on a day that there is no doubt about, that is the Day of Judgment.

الغنی - بے پرواہ،بے نیازی
Al-Ghani - The Rich One
The Self-Sufficient, The One who does not need the creation.

المغني - بے پرواہ کرنے والا،بے نیازی کر دینے والا
Al-Mughni - The Enricher
The Enricher, The One who satisfies the necessities of the creatures.

المانع - روکنے والا
Al-Mani - The Preventer of Harm
The One who prevents harm, physical or spiritual. The One who protects from dangerous situations. The One who prevents unwelcome actions. The One who impedes or hinders wrongful action. The One who stops one thing from harming another.

الضار - نقصان دینے والا
Ad-Darr - The Creator of The Harmful
The Distresser, The One who makes harm reach to whoever He willed and benefit to whoever He willed.

النافع - نفع دینے والا
An-Nafi - The Creator of Good
The Propitious, The One who makes harm reach to whoever He willed and benefit to whoever He willed.

النور - روشن،روشنی
An-Noor - The Light
he Light, The One who guides.

الهادي - ہدایت دینے والا،رہنمائی دینے والا
Al-Hadi - The Guide
The Guide, The One whom with His Guidance His believers were guided, and with His Guidance the living beings have been guided to what is beneficial for them and protected from what is harmful to them.

البديع - بے مثال،نئی طرح پیدا کرنے والا،ایجاد کرنے والا
Al-Badi - The Originator
The Incomparable, The One who created the creation and formed it without any preceding example.

الباقي - ہمیشہ باقی رہنے والا
Al-Baqi - The Everlasting One
The Everlasting, The One that the state of non-existence is impossible for Him.

الوارث - حقیقی وارث
Al-Waris - The Inheritor of All
The Supreme Inheritor, The Heir, The One whose Existence remains.

الرشيد - سیڑھی راہ والا،سیدھی راہ دکھانے والا
Ar-Rashid - The Righteous Teacher
The Guide to the Right Path, The One who guides.

الصبور - صبر کرنے والا
As-Sabur - The Patient One
The One who is most patient, steadfast, and enduring. The One who is not moved by haste to carry out any action before its proper time. The One who patiently endures and does everything in its proper time and proper manner, no matter how long that may take. The One who patiently accomplishes each thing in its proper time, in the way it needs to be and according to what it requires.

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Poetry: 99 Names of ALLAH with Urdu and English Teanslation and Images
99 Names of ALLAH with Urdu and English Teanslation and Images
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