True Love

Why can’t you love me the way that I
love you? Why can’t you give to me
the way I give to you?
My heart, my soul, my spirit all is

yours and you take and feed from it and
leave me hollow with nothing back in
return. Why can’t you give me your
love the way I give you mine?

Why leave me always wanting
more from what we have, empty and
aching wishing we had more time.
Incubus you leave me drained

and weak from working so hard
to keep our love aflame.
Why should this be such an
effort when once it was so

easy? Is it that you no longer love
me as I love you? That having
drained all my love away you
need to feed elsewhere?

I have no more to give as
I have given all I have and
if not enough I can do no
more as less than all my love
is no love at all...!!!

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