There Are Things I Want

I know not what
Just that i lack them
There are things I need
I feel their lack
But i cannot say what they are
Would you come to me
To take my hand
In spite of craters
Throughout my land
In spite of darkness
On certain days
Would you take my hand
And walk my way...!!!

Wanting to Make it So.

My hand
Can hold your wrists
Your hair
Twined round my fist
Your heat
Against my hips
Your name
Upon my lips
To feel
Your need with mine
To kiss
And take my time
The motion
With legs entwined
I want you...!!!

Do Not Turn me Loose to Wander in My Need

Are my dream
Of hunger
You gnaw at me
Through the night
You leave your mark
Upon my skin
Are my keeper
Shackling me to your need
Tying me to your desire
Painting my dreams
Red and black
With the heat of your lips
With the press of your hips
With the flat of your hand
Are my author
Writing my lust
On your skin
Scripting my passion
In my blood

Even If You Never Know, I Do.

seeing you
Makes my heart race
And i want you
Though you turn away
The sight of you steals my breath away
Though you never know
Do you
My dreams of you
Beauty in the night
Glow ethereal
In my heart
Seeing you
Makes my heart race
And i want you...!!!

Once You Are Mine To Use.

Use me, you said
As your knees spread
Your hem moved higher
My skin, on fire
My fingers slid along 
Silken thigh
I felt your sigh
Your heat grew high
I felt you move
Pressing skin so smooth
To my finger tips
And I took your hips
As mine
Mine to use
You are mine
To use...!!!

Give and Take.

And take
She offered 
So much of her
He could have
He could take
For such little to give
In return
Take and
She would do
What was asked
For his caring concern
In return
The wants
And the needs
To be taken
To be heeded
To offer so much
And yet
And yet
What should be 
So very simple
Is never that...!!!

Want, Raw and Unvarnished and Yet.

On a faceless plane
I look for you
Without a name
The heat i need
To move my heart
The touch i want
To ground my soul
I look for you
A hand to hold...!!!

Something that Won’t Let Go.

There is something about you
I can’t forget
Something about you
That won’t let go
Though I don’t know you
Though we’ve just met
There is something about you
I need to know
The way that you use words
A look in your eye
The way that you move
The sound of a sigh
There is something about you
That haunts my dreams
Something about you
That echoes in me...!!!

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