Dance with me, Dance.

Dance with me
Your hips and mine
Move in time
Dance with me
Your promised me
You would
Dance with me
Though the music
Heats past reason
Though the beat throbs hot
And frees me
Dance with me


Wishing, Wanting

Bare your shoulder
Bare you hip
Raise your eyebrow
Part your lips
Send a signal
Flash a sign
Let me know
You could be mine
Teasing words
Are just a start
Tilt your smile
Be still my heart
I sit here wanting
You in my bed
I sit here taking you
In my head...!!!

Give to me so i Can Offer You.

Give me
Your will
And i will give you
My arms
Gi1ve me 
Your hips
And i will keep you
From harm
Give me
And i will hold you
So dear
Give me
Your heart
I will keep you
So near...!!!

Leaving Behind the Trace of Desire to be Found.

When he takes hold of you
His hands beneath your hips
To kiss you deeply
Your legs tightening around
His neck
His lips find the slick heat
Of your desire for me
And when he tastes you
He drinks of my desire for you
The heat i spilled within
Your hips
Even if you are in his hands
I want you
To be mine...!!!

Singing for Yourself, When no One can Hear.

Teach me
The song you sing
When there is no one
To hear you
Show me
The way you move
When you are lost
In the contour of that melody
Teach me
The way you sing
The way you move
Your lips
Give me
The secret rhythm
That you keep deep
Within your hips...!!!

Some Nights, When the Fire Burns Out of Sight.

Those nights
In the heat of the summer
When the restless itch
Becomes a burn
A fire within that is a yearning
When love is not the need
You feel
When wishes spin
Out of control
The need to be another’s toy
A plaything for another’s need
To be teased and taken
Made to feel
Some images
Of pain and bond
Some wants that go
So far beyond
Those nights when heat
Is all you feel
Wishing for extremes
As real...!!!

What You Really Know

You never know, do you
You think you know
Often sure you know
Sometimes assume without question
That you know
And can champion your Rashomon truth
With fundamentalist fervor but
You never know
Do you...!!!

I Want What I Do Not Have.

I miss
The heady taste of sex
Your thighs tight
Around my head
Your hips pressing
Against my mouth
My heart racing
As my tongue is tasting
Your desire
I miss
The earthy scent of desire
The way you fill my head
Each time i expire
And breathe you in
As you press against
Me wanting more

Reading the Book, of You.

I saw you
In the spaces between your words
And unfolded your pages
In my dreams
I licked my finger
To turn you
But your edge
Sliced me quick
And the drop of blood
Stained your skin red
And even my lips
Could not put it right
Just a kiss
Against the crease
Before closing
Your book...!!!

Haunted by Heat.

I know my heart
Has blackened
From the pooling blood
The burns of unrequited need
Have left scorched
Whatever i could feel
For now the image drips
In heat
Desire spills across the sheet
The things imagined
That i want
To do
To you
just haunt...!!!

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