The beginning of love always takes your breathe away.
There is nothing like it,
The feeling of romantic, crazy love.

Of peace, and serenity.
To have and to hold someone beside you.
You'll never want to let that feeling go.

Time after time, you'll find the one you love.
And you will never put anybody else above them.
Their the only one your thinking about...
The one you would never turn out,
until they break your heart
time and time again.

The touch of affection.
The meaning of relation.

Who do you have to be, to feel true reality.
Are we all trapped in someone else's fantasy.
Is it the feeling of motivation.
Or is it intimidation.

What is love?
Is it when two people think the world of one another.
Putting each other on a pedestal so high,
that only love can reach them.

I've been through the fire many times,
And I made it through every flood.

I've been in love so many times.
Sadden when I've fallen out of love.
Happy when love returns again,
But nothing touches my heart like falling in love.

So why does it hurts so bad,
If it is suppose to be true love...???

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