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Love Heart Touching Poems for Lovers with Emotional Girls Pictures

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A large collection of love poems especially for heart broken lovers with beautiful emotional girls images.

Let Your Heart Sing.
as life goes on 
open up your heart 
let it sing 

sing to win 
sing to shine 
in the radiance 
of a loving heart 

heart beating on the line 
pulse per beating so fine 
in this loving blue skyline 

in a beauty of a beating heart
sings by per pulse ,per pulse 

pulse red flamed in the heart of day 
day of beautiful joy when you 

let your heart sing 
sings by per pulse ,per pulse 

pulse cherished to your soul 

treasured mesmerized to the heart 
in the core 

core so entwined tangled in the heart 
in it's sing 

sing love your heart devour 
in song by per pulse,per pulse 

in the hearts never ending sing 
your heart always let your heart sing 
it,s true beauty song 

tangled it's per pulse ,per pulse 
beating your heart,heart dancing in your body chest 

oh to the sweet joy 
let your heart sing 
as life goes on 
heart on the per pulse 
in this beautiful day 
of sweet love 
love ,let your heart sing...!!!

Hold On
Hold on to what you believe 
In your journey of life 

The air that you breathe
In the stillness of love 
I said hold on ,hold on ,hold on ,
To what you believe 
In a world that needs a little love of peace 
The courage of care 
I said hold on, hold on,hold on,
To what you believe
Where your soul will truly help the need 
To bring a little joy to a smile of hope 
I said hold on ,hold on ,hold on,
In this grace of nature earth 
Breathing in the beauty of life 
I said hold on ,hold on,hold on 
To what you believe 
Because you can achieve 
Anything your heart desires 
Just never give up 
In a life 
I said hold on ,hold on, hold on , 
To what you believe 
Never give up hope 
Because your dreams love 
Will one day be answered 
To the depths of soul
Just hold on to what you believe 
In life with a little hope 
It will lead love to your heart
I said hold on, hold on ,hold on ,
To what you believe...!!!

spirits are very well
known for being 
but not the type of spirits
that have alcohol,
the type of spirits
that haunt the minds
of so many,
keeping them awake at night,
searching through the darkness
of their pitch black bedroom,
while simultaneously
searching through the darkness
of their pitch black mind;
they try to convince themselves
that the voices
are all in their head
that they're nothing more
than the darkness parts
of the imagination
but eventually, 
even the most hushed voices
are heard by some
and these ghosts are released
quick, effortlessly flowing 
into the land of the living
through a ball-point pen
or through anxious fingers
typing away at a screen,
creating a colorless 
however, having it in black and white,
and plainly stating facts
gets dull and listless
even for a life as repetitive
as the spirits
who are enjoying their escape
into the world of the free spirits,
the unshackled thoughts 
let out to roam wild with one another
intermingling with others
as they gradually coagulate themselves
to form beautiful words
and stunning phrases,
washing over their individual mediums
with an ocean-like grace,
slowly but steadily
moving down the page 
like the most synchronized tide,
gradually creating something bigger
and more spectacular
than any of them could do alone;
and once their prison guard
releases every last drop
of ink onto the page,
and every last keystroke into the document
on the dimly lit screen,
they can finally rest easily,
with the ghosts doing the same,
both holding a lot more love 
in their hearts
and in their spirits
for, that constant tide
created a body with more depth 
than any sea of blue
we have created the beauty 
that's only described by you...!!!

Carry your heart
in this place we beat 
together when we walk this paradise road 
of lovers destiny 

I carry your heart with me 
I carry your heart with me 

forever in my world of soul 
in your name I breathe 
the silent whisper of the air 
in spiritual embrace of love 
I carry your heart with me 

everywhere I shall go 
your name is embedded to my heart 
deep to the core of soul 

I carry your heart with me 

with embodied passion 
because you love just make 
my heart race 
beats 24/7 that 

I carry your heart with me 

when you stay a little afar 
I just look at this little locket 
then I know 
I carry your heart with me 

to my soul 
paradise road lovers destiny 
in our beat of love 
I carry your heart with me...!!!

If I Die Tomorrow!
If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow
Will you stand with a heavy heart with sorrow?
For my happy days on earth is over;
And heaven is pulling me closer!

Though how much you shed your tears;
And scream & yell, I will be no more to hear
For, you cover me with a bouquet & bunch of garlands;
I will be no more to smell their fragrance!

Though I've cherished all through twenty years;
Will you speak to me in your prayers?
Tomorrow, when in coffin I lie
Will my today's memories make you cry?

If tomorrow, I bid a good - bye;
Will you really miss me or just a sigh?
Have I painted your hearts with my love, my smiles? So,
When I go away, in your arms will you hold a while?

Tomorrow when my soul, my body departs;
Will you cherish my art in your hearts?
When heaven calls me & there comes my time
Up in the sky, see me as a star that brightly shines!

My blessed last moments with you;
Will you treasure through or just shoo?
When I leave you all & bid adieu ;
Hope I will be safe in your hearts, for my love is true!

Forgive my sins & forget my faults;
The best memories with you, may never halt!
If tomorrow death arrives;
With you, within you, will I always stay alive??

Look at what you've done
You've gone and loved me
You've gone and given me hope
Do you really think I wanted this?

I didn't ask for this
I was happy
Perfectly content
Wallowing in my own shit and misery
I was glad to be alone
Happily morose and blissfully dead

I didn't ask for your love
I didn't ask for your help
All I ask is that you never ever stop...!!!

A Hurricane of a Girl
I'm not the most
put together person.
I'm really a small
hurricane of a girl.

I am not a metaphor
or a simile.
Not a murder mystery
or a floral print dress.

I am flesh and blood,
bone and sinew.
I bend and break,
and snap back again.

I will keep you on your toes,
and never let you rest.
I will love you with everything 
I have.

I will suck your marrow dry,
if you look at me the wrong way.
and I have nothing to lose.

I am a stack
of paperback books
and a broken
typewriter ribbon.

I am gale force winds,
and raindrops like steel.
I am wounded pride 
and a mended fence.

I am learning to forgive myself...!!!

Too Much
I am too much of everything 
and somehow 
not enough of anything.

I sleep too late, 
put too much sugar in my coffee, 
have too many shoes, 
say too many things, 
and hold on for much too long.

I am a mixture of the things I want and need, 
the things that mean nothing and everything. 
I am passionate about many unimportant things 
and woefully apathetic about the issues that truly matter.

I fall in love 3 times a day 
and often forget to brush my hair. 
and I talk too much 
and I have too many opinions about things 
I know nothing about.

I romanticize people and books, 
foreign countries and fictional characters 
to the point where they may all be 
figments of my imagination.

I am entirely made up 
of quotes and song lyrics, 
2am phone calls and long lost dust jackets 
from books I know better 
than my own soul.

I do not know answers
to questions like
or when,
or how,
but I know
with some certainty, 
that I am too much for you...!!!

Since We Spoke Last
Since we spoke last,
I dyed my hair twice.
And got a couple jobs.
And quit a couple more.

I nearly got a tattoo, 
but settled on a piercing instead.
I signed a lease for my first apartment, 
and changed my major back
to the one you talked me out of the first time.

I got lost a couple times,
and learned how to save myself.
I figured out how important real friends are.
I went on a few dates,
and said a few things I regret.

I missed you and scorned you
in equal measure.
And finally realized
that everything in life is a lesson.

I learned what I will and won't
accept anymore.
And I could probably kick your ass at Halo now.

I changed my music tastes a couple times,
and tried not to think of you.
I learned how to code websites,
how to smoke menthols,
and how to hold my liquor.

I learned how to get off my phone and 
enjoy life once in a while,
because I don't have to wait for you
to call anymore.

I counted hours and stopped counting months,
and realized that those anniversaries are just
other days now.
And that's okay.

I realized that life goes on,
no matter how much you're sure it won't.
And that's okay too...!!!

First Love
"We used to did that, didn't we?"
he said and i remembered it all,
and it hits me hard in the head, 
it stabs my heart till it hurts

my mind won't stop playing
the memories we've built
and my heart won't stop screaming
your name, over and over again.

those seven words that you've said,
brought back all of the memories,
every song you've sang to me
and all stories we've shared.

it's all coming back to me now,
the loneliness and the pain
that i've felt to 
the things we used to do

because no matter what happens,
you are never going back to me,
it's all in the past now and we're both 
happy with our own lives now,

and you already found your true love
but i promise i won't forget you 
and our memories would not be forgotten

It will stay on my heart
because you'll always 
be a part of me
you're my first love.

and i will love you, forever...!!!

Tossing and turning 
Heavy breathing, 
Tears of frustration. 

Screaming at my brain 
To dismiss, erase, forget
All memories of you. 

But it rebels 
Like a stubborn teenager 
It eyes me 
In a huff, says,
And proceeds to 
Those moments 
Over and over again. 

My exasperation 
Soon turns into
Sadness, despair, misery 
Knowing that 
It's all gone. 

Forgetting you
Why can't it be easy?
Like how dried leaves 
Are swept by the breeze
Into the river
And float away to 
The point of no return. 

Feeding myself 
Thoughts of how
It's hopeless
Just doesn't work...!!!

Torn Between Two Lovers
Once upon a time I met Mr. Dream Guy,
When our gazes met, I saw the twinkle in his eye;
In an instant we have been so close,
He's always there to sweep out all my woes.

Being with him is like living a story in fairytale,
He makes me happy each day without fail;
He has this remarkable kindness
He had stolen my heart with his gentleness.

Then one day I met another
His name is Mr. Lover,
With all the courage he had, he told me he likes me,
By that time I felt my heart skipped a beat 'coz it really shocked me.

He makes a lot of effort to show his sincerity to me
Done this and that to make me so happy,
As time goes by our closeness was build
With his sweetness my heart has been filled.

Now, a dilemma is what I'm facing;
Between those two, to whom do I have a stronger feeling?
Who should I love?
Whose presence does my heart wanted to have?

Just Don't
I still love you,
But I never want to see you again,.
Don't speak to me,
because I won't be listening,
we aren't friends.

We were lovers
and that fact is engraved in the thick tense energy between us, 
Love, loss and lust
I miss you
I need you
but I will never have you again 
You chose someone else
and I will not forget that
I promise.

I will never be your second choice, 
Neither afterthought nor rebound

When you get tired of having her
and the basic consistency of the life you are creating right at this moment
Don't even let my name come to your lips in a desperate call
I just won't pick you up when you fall
You pulled me in close romantically
and You pushed me away unexpectedly
when I thought you just wanted to hold my hand...!!!

To My First Love
People say 
that time flies by 
and one day 
you realize as you're lying in bed 
that you're 80 years old 
and it's 3 in the morning 
and you're trying to remember 
what it was like to have 
a 20 year old mind 
and a 10 year old heart 
but see
by the time I was 10 
I already had a broken heart 
see when I was 9 
I met a boy whose eyes 
put the stars to shame
a lad whose smile 
could light up the entire world 
see when I was nine 
I met the boy of my dreams 
But to him, I was but 
another weird girl 
see what he doesn't know 
is that the first time I saw him 
leaning up against that wall 
I thought to myself
I don't want anyone else 
but him 
see what he doesn't know 
is that as we grew older
I fell in love with him 
see what he doesn't know 
is that no matter how many times
he breaks my heart
my heart still looks 
for him 
but there is one thing 
I know 
and that is 
that when time 
suddenly flies by 
and it's 3 in the morning
and I'm 80 years old 
and have forgotten everything 
and am trying to remember 
what it was like to have 
a 20 year old mind 
and a 10 year old heart 
I know 
I know
that I will remember 

I love you more than before.
I can't help but want you more.
I close my eyes, try to sleep.
Yet I long to feel your heart beat.
Nothing can make me forget.
Of the time we had before I wept.

I see you every now and then, a silhouette.
At my window you stand, conjured from regret.
I stare at you for hours, an hourglass figure.
Then I drift off, you disappear, my brain's a trigger.
If my brain becomes distant you fade away.
I project you into my dark cast away.

Then the next day I see your face.
A golden beauty shining out of place.
You always were special and unique.
Like the sun you shone an aura of mystique.
Power, beauty, glory your eyes did give.
Hope, will, story of mine you did away with.

It wasn't your fault at all.
That you were destined to fall.
But who will take the blame.
When I lost my true flame.
I love you and you were the one to die.
You abandoned me through suicide.

I love you more than before.
I can't help but want you more.
I close my eyes, try to sleep.
Yet I long to feel your heart beat.
Nothing can make me forget.
Of the time we had before I wept.

I will never forget your beautiful face.
Framed by golden hair of grace.
I love you more than before...
A sad one for you guys...!!!

When you see her cry
you get a rag,
a gentle delicate cloth.

Lovingly grasp her hand
and dab its tip;
dry each tear as they come.

And ask each drop
why it'd leave
such beautiful eyes.

to be in the sky,
tell her to go.

Take the sun ransom,
and replace its shining
with her own.

So you can see her every morning
and wish for her 
return each night.

When you see her scars
both visible and non-
touch each gently.

And remind her
that each and every hurt
she has survived,

has only made her 
that much more unique;
that much stronger.

Show her that she
is a special person
and is worthy of love.

That she deserves the love
she fears to give...
show her so that

one day after you're gone
she can find the strength 
to go on without you.

Tell her that while
she might not be a goddess 
far above worldly desires,

that she is amazing,
for just being  herself
for being that beautiful girl

who thinks herself damaged
when in truth she's just
a different kind of beautiful.

And finally, love her.
Like a boy loves a girl 
Till she finally remembers

that that's what she is: 
not a scar, not a goddess,
not a star. But a girl.

That deserves to be loved....!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Happy Valentines Day Happy Vasant Panchami Happy Women's Day Happy Yom Kippur Hasrat Shayari Have a Nice Day Have A Nice Day Images Heart Broken Hindi Poetry Heart Broken Touching Shayari Heart Hindi Shayari Heart Poetry Heart Shayari Heart Touching Poetry Heart Touching Sad Ghazals Heart Touching Sad Poetry Heart Touching SMS Heartbroken Poems Heartless Shayari Hijar Hijar Poetry Hind Love SMS Shayari Hindi Aansoo Shayari Hindi Alone Poetry Hindi Barsat SMS Hindi Be Wafa Ghazal Hindi Be Wafai SMS Hindi Bewafa Ghazals Hindi Bewafa SMS Hindi Gazal Shayari Hindi Ghazal Hindi Ghazals Hindi Images Poetry Hindi Love Poetry Hindi Love Sad SMS Hindi Love Sayings Hindi Love Shayari Hindi Love SMS Hindi Poems Hindi Poetry Hindi Rainy SMS Hindi Romantic Shayari Hindi Sad Ghazals Hindi Sad Love SMS Hindi Sad Poetry Hindi Sad Shayari Hindi Sad SMS Hindi Sad Text Messages Hindi Sayings Hindi Shayari Hindi Shayari For Facebook Hindi Shayari SMS Hindi Shayari With Images Hindi SMS 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Day Wallpapers Presidents' Day Wishes Proposal Hindi SMS Punjabi 2 Line Shayari Punjabi Ghazals Punjabi Shayari Punjabi SMS Pyar Mohabbat Poetry Pyar Mohabbat Shayari Q Qayamat Shayari Quote Lyrics Quotes Quotes For Her Quotes Images Quotes On Good Morning Quotes Pictures Quotes With Pictures Qurani Aayaat Qurani Aayaat about Jannah Qurani Aayaat Images R Rain Poems Rainy Day Hindi Shayari Rainy Day Shayari Rainy Day SMS Rainy Shayari Rainy SMS Rainy SMS Shayari Rakhi Rakhi Designs Rakhi Wishes Raksha Bandhan Cards Raksha Bandhan Facebook Covers Raksha Bandhan Poems Raksha Bandhan Quotes Raksha Bandhan Shayari Raksha Bandhan SMS Raksha Bandhan Wallpapers Raksha Bandhan Wishes Ram Navami Cards Ram Navami Images Ram Navami SMS Ram Navami Wishes Ramadan Ghazals Ramadan Mubarak Ramadan Poetry Ramadan Quoets Ramadan Shayari Ramadan SMS Ramadan Special Ramadan Wishes Ramdan SMS Messages Ramzan Greetings Ramzan Hadith Ramzan Images Ramzan Kareem SMS Ramzan Mubarak Ramzan Pictures Ramzan 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Sad Two Lines Sad Urdu Ghazals Sad Urdu Images Sad Urdu Poetry Sad Urdu Quotes Sad Urdu Shayari Sad Urdu SMS Sadie Hawkins Sadie Hawkins Day Sadie Hawkins Day Poems Sadie Hawkins Day Poetry Sadie Hawkins Day Quotes Sadie Hawkins Day Sayings Sadie Hawkins Day SMS Sadie Hawkins Festival Sadnees Shayari Ghazal Saghar Siddiqui Poetry Sahi Bukhari Sahil Shayari Saint Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas Day Cards Saint Nicholas Day Festival Saint Nicholas Day Greetings Saint Nicholas Day Pictures Saint Nicholas Day Quotes Saint Nicholas Day Sayings Saint Nicholas Day Wallpapers Saint Nicholas Day Wishes Saint Patrick's Day Saint Patrick's Day Cards Saint Patrick's Day Messages Saint Patrick's Day Pictures Saint Patrick's Day Quotes Saint Patrick's Day Sayings Saint Patrick's Day Wallpapers Saint Patrick's Day Wishes Sajda-e-Sahw Samandar Ghazal Shayari In Urdu Santa Claus Santa Claus Cartoon Santa Claus Cliparts Santa Claus Images Santa Claus Pictures Santa Claus Wallpapers Santa Tree Images Sawan Shayari Sayings Sha-e-Barat Wishes Shab-e-Barat Shab-e-Barat Mubarak Shab-e-Barat Pictures Shamma Shayari Sharab Poetry Sharab Shayari Shayari Shayari Collection Shayari Facebook Posts Shayari Ghazals Shayari Messages Shayari On Tanhai Shayari Pictures Shayari Pictures Collection Shayari SMS Shayari Tum Bin Shikwa Shayari Shikwa Shikayat Shayari Shikwa Shikayat Shayari. Shikwa SMS Shikwa SMS Messages Shivratri Shivratri Card Shivratri Greetings Shivratri Images Shivratri Messages Shivratri Pictures Shivratri SMS Shivratri Wishes Short love Poems Short Two Line Shayari Short Urdu Poetry Sikh Festivals Sikhism Sin Sisters Day Sisters Poems Sisters Poetry Sisters Quotes Sisters SMS SMS SMS Collection SMS for Girlfriiends SMS Ghazals SMS Poetry Sochna Poetry Sochna Shayari Sochna SMS Songs St Francis of Assisi St Francis of Assisi Poems St Francis of Assisi Quotes Stories Sukkot Sukkot Cards Sukkot Quotes Sukkot SMS Sukkot Wallpapers Summer Poems Sunday of Advent Sunnat Sunnat Images Sunnat in Urdu Sweet Dream Images Sweet Dream Pictures Syeda Jiya T T. Tamanna Shayari Tamil Festivals Tanha Tanha Hindi Poetry Tanha Poetry Tanha Shayari Tanha Urdu Poetry Tanhaai Touching Ghazal Tanhai Tanhai Ghazal Tanhai Ghazal Images Tanhai Ghazals Tanhai Hindi Poetry Tanhai Poetry Tanhai Sad Ghazals Tanhai Sad Poetry Tanhai Sad Shayari Tanhai Shayari Tanhai SMS Tanhai SMS Shayari Tanhai Text Messages Taqdeer Shayari Tea Cup Images Tears Images Tera Naam Urdu Ghazal Teri Yaad Shayari Tet Holiday Text Hindi Shayari Text Message Text SMS Thanksgiving Cards Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Festival Thanksgiving Greetings Thanksgiving Images Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Sayings Thanksgiving SMS Thanksgiving Wallpapers Thanksgiving Wishes To Her Poetry Tofan Poetry Top Ten Poems Top Ten Poetry Top Ten Quotes Top Ten SMS True Love Hindi Shayari Tum Bin Ghazal Tum Bin Sad Ghazals Tum Bin Shayari Tumblr Love Quotes Tumblr Poem Two Line Poetry Two Line Sad Shayari Two Line Shayari Two Lines Two Lines Poetry Two Lines Poetry Sad Poetry Two Lines SMS U Udaas Sad Poetry Udaas Sad Shayari Udas Shayari Udas Urdu Shayari Uljhan Urdu Shayari Umeed 2 Line Shayari Umeed Poetry Umeed Shayari Umeed Urdu Shayari Unique Love Quotes Urdu 2 Line Shayari Urdu Dua Urdu Dua Shayari Urdu Famous Ghazals Urdu FB Shayari Urdu Fint Poetry Urdu Font Poetry Urdu Font Shayari Urdu Ghazal Urdu Ghazal Collection Urdu Ghazal Shayari Urdu Ghazals Urdu Ghazals Collection Urdu Hadeeses Collection Urdu Hindi & English Urdu Hindi Shayari Urdu Images Urdu Inspirational Quotes Urdu Life Quotes Urdu Love Ghazals Urdu Love Poetry Urdu Love Sayings Urdu Love Shayari Urdu Love SMS Urdu Messages Urdu Poetry Urdu Poetry Collection Urdu Poetry. 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Wada Ghazals Wada Poetry Wada Shayari Wada SMS Wafa Wafa Ghazal Wafa Poetry Wafa Shayari Wafa SMS Waldain Ki Nafarmani Wasi Shah Wedding Shayari Wish Poems Wishes Cards Women's Day Women's Day Cards Women's Day Images Women's Day Messages Women's Day Quotes Women's Day SMS Women's Day Wallpapers Women's Day Wishes Worlds Best Poems Xmas Cards Y Yaad Yaad 2 Line Shayari Yaad Hindi Ghazals Yaad Hindi Messages Yaad Hindi Shayari Yaad Poetry Yaad Sad Poetry Yaad Shayari Yaad SMS Shayari Yaad Urdu Ghazals Yaad Urdu Shayari Yaadein Shayari Yad Ghazals Yad Sayings Yad Shayari Yad SMS Yom Kippur Yom Kippur Cards Yom Kippur Poems Yom Kippur Quotes Yom Kippur SMS Yom Kippur Wallpapers Z Zakham Shayari Zakya Ghazal Zidd Urdu Poetry Zindage Poetry Zindagi Hindi Shayari Zindagi Shayari Zindagi SMS Zindagi Urdu Shayari Zindgi Shayari Zindgi SMS Zulfain Shayari День защитника Отечества День защитника Привет день защитников Пожелания Защитники день Обои Защитники Карты Дня
Poetry: Love Heart Touching Poems for Lovers with Emotional Girls Pictures
Love Heart Touching Poems for Lovers with Emotional Girls Pictures
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