A Bed Among The Clouds Poem

I let balloons go on purpose
giving them the freedom
I cannot have,
the freedom among
the storm clouds that
I pine for every night,
to be blanketed in sheets
of rain drops
and tucked in by the 
fingers of the wind,
with the lightning
as a night light
and a lullaby 
hummed from the
throat of thunder.
But, iron trees put down
roots in concrete,
and, darling, my feet
are fixed to the ground.
So, I let the balloons go
to give them a bed
among the clouds...!!!

Candle The Poem

Tonight, I need a softer light,
a softer night, a different
kind of care.. I need
an old fashioned thing,
simple comfort to wrap me in;
candle light so I may hide,
in softer shadows, I need the
soothe, the gentle flame,
for eyes that burn, eyes
that prickle.. though I refuse them.
Tonight I need to hide,
the dark encroaches, and
I fear this dreadful ache..
I need the steady flicker, the slow
burn wick, to mesmerise,
to keep the night away..
hold back this hollow feeling,
this bereft.. heavy in my bones.
Tonight I am alone so
I light a candle, to assuage, 
this awful ache..
I am quiet, alone.. 
a flame that gutters...!!!

My Love The Poem

Be still, my love, be still; rest your 
weary eyes and listen to the silent 
melody of midnight skies.
Fold into my warm embrace, place 
your hand in mine, within my arms, 
within my heart, security you’ll find.
Let shadows dance between the 
shards of moonlight on your skin as 
Lady Night with one eye open, smiling,
glances in. 
Ever watchful ever knowing, sweet dreams
she sends your way, in the form of 
tiny shooting stars, performing a ballet.
But know that should you lose your way
‘neath the blackened veil of night, I’ll be
right here, within your hand, around you, 

holding tight. 
Together, let us fade to black, to the
comfort of retreat, to the place our love
has made it’s own, to the silence ‘tween each beat...!!!

Obsession The Pome

Have you crossed between two parallel mirrors?
and stopped to reborn long dead tortures
that carved contours on your forehead
and threw away liter of tears that you shed
You withdrew from digging memories
seeing an infinite images
reflected between two glasses
You wanted to leave it fragmented 
to stop the mirror from recreating threat
Threat of your own face, your own body
for they kept you from being happy
They were molded imperfectly
that made you wish to be like someone else
who got a look to induce love spells
and will make him fall deeply in love again
as deep as parallel mirrors with nothing in between
Nothing because it’s merely a delusion

caused by your obsession...!!!

The Broken Ones Poem

She told me 
about her love
for petals, 
and butterflies,
for their 

She took them
in her palms
then, set them 
free, seemly 
reminding me 
to be gentle
before she 

This is for your eyes only... but they can look too Poem

I write for you
miles of words
that the rest
of the world
may well see,
and although
I’ve liked to leave
this network
of readers behind,
I fancy the fact
the followers
that I have
are mostly writers
who all seem
to be fans
of what I do
and willingly
just for you.
so maybe
I am doing
something right
by my writing
and all the hearts
are simply
a quality check
that allows
a non-writer
who writes his love
daily poems
to keep himself
on inventive toes. 

I love being 
nobody’s favorite…
but yours...!!!

I do not want to be whole if she is hollow Poem

Love is watching her brain
tear away at her personality -
stripping her of all the humanity
I had selfishly imposed
upon her unstable shoulders.

Her cunning, her tricks,
her eagerness to enjoy this life
and more importantly,
enjoy it by my side,
are ebbing away like the tide.

I cannot be the shoreline, no.
I cannot keep her sanity
wound about my palms -
I’d be shackled to it
if only imprisonment was a choice.

She takes my heart with her.
She is a shell of the friend
I have woven into my life -
a ghost of yesterday,
a whisper of the past,
a fading photograph 
I never realized I had taken.

She was the simple soul
that made the ground bearable
when my knees bled.
She made the days sweeter
when I ran out of sugar.
She made the nights warm
when Winter gnawed at my bones.

Love is not something beautiful
or simply written -
it is an inhalation, exhalation,
and every strangulation in between.

I love her but cannot keep her.
I am bound to her insanity
and she is taking me down with her.
Piece by piece,
every grain of sand
is stripped and stolen away.

I give them willingly...!!!

We'll Meet Again Poem

When it’s darkest
And it seems 
You’re but a
Distant memory
Haunting me
With what was
Making me sad
I’ll hum to myself 
“We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again

One sunny day”...!!!

Beginning The Poem

Let’s be brave,
For a moment.
Let us pretend the sky isn’t
A dangerous hue
And falling into fragments.

Shall we,
If only for a second,
Believe in ourselves
Just enough to feel safe
Though the windows
Are breaking in on us
And the water is
A putrid shade of brown?

The world can only
Hold us captive for so long.
The ransom may be high
But it can only drop
For the demands shall
Not be met kindly, I know.
And the sickness in us
Can only go so deep
Before hope is lost
And peace, instead, is found.

This is not the end...!!!

Because there will never be a greater pain Poem

There was nothing to do
but love you
from the time my tiny eyes
saw you

I reached out 
wanting to become 
the only light in your eyes

It was you I sought
when I’d scrape my knee
It was you I needed to see
before I fell asleep

But you-
you could not be bothered
with a tiny little me
a growing pained me
or an adult me

Yet even still-
with all that has been said
by me
I still need you 
you see
because there was nothing I could do
but love you 

My one and only Daddy...!!!

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