In The Dark Always In The Dark The Poem

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In The Dark, Always In The Dark.

and it is in the moment 
that sleep should come
in the quiet
and the dark
there is a hollow ache
that starts
deep within
echoing across
my skin
a slow burn starting
in my hips
a throb of need
that does not quit
to feel your heat
the tightening grip
to slide within
the kiss of hips...!!!

Romentic Quotes 

  1. I have a heart and that is true,but now it has gone from me to you,so care for it just like I do,because I have no heart and you have two...!!!
  2. The joy to be found in winters season is easily found with you...!!!
  3. I Would have followed him to hell,if he asked me and may be I did...!!!
  4. May Be I am scared because you mean more to me than any other person.You are everything I Think about,every thing I want...!!!
  5. When I Am With you,the only place I want to be is closer...!!!
  6. Sometimes,you don’t need to say anything.Just be there.Just be here besides me That’s ENOUGH...!!!
  7. Right from the start I knew I had to make you mine...!!!

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