Tulips The Poem

Now every flower I see reminds me of you
From that they on when you told me.
They lay there for a reason we seem not to know
And not just for any decoration or show

They will never be the same in my eyes
You said it was there to give sense.
They are more important now
More than I could ever think of.

Now every flower I see reminds me of you
Radiance of beauty that might be put on too
They are there to remind me that there is hope
That there is someone eager enough to heed.

Every tulip I see is your soul divine,
Let me hold on to it like a glass of wine.
Every drop is not a waste of entity
But purity to indulge in sweet serenity...!!!

I Want To Come Back Poem

You move so carefully;
I watch you after being apart
For so long and I can see the architecture
Of your lonely gestures,
Like your world suddenly got bigger
And you don’t know how to move around within it. 

It’s been four years now and each time I see you,
It’s like the first time we met,
I find myself rediscovering who you are
And falling in love with you all over again. 

You move in sadness, gracefully guarded- 
As if the spaces I once occupied will vanish
If you touch them,
And it hurts my heart to know
That I am the foundation of the walls you’ve built.

I want to come back to put an end to this distance,
I want to take apart your loneliness
And build myself into your movements,
Let’s light a match and set fire to the homes we have built
In each other’s absence,
It’s time to start fresh,
I want to be the building blocks to your smile,
The architecture of your happiness;

We can spend the rest of our lives together
Making love in all of those lonely spaces 
We’ve learned to hide so well...!!!


I want the boundaries I’ve crossed,
the names written down and filed
in some Index of
Important Things.

I want to taste the life
I burned: A husband.
Children. Ways
in which I am not

I want the storms I’ve ridden into,
wild and caught in a bottle. 

I want to drink the wind
that leveled me.

I want the river rocks,
the plastic castles. 

I want the kindred of
dead birds, trees 
I also jumped from.
I want a shore of cattails,
a driftwood memory,
green water,
swarms of gnats

Is this a pageant? 
No, surely not.

But the billows
of wounds catch the eye
just as good as
any dress worn
for its magic.

And you.

You were the sky
I challenged, the
bigness of shoulders,
the shackles
of home.

Of all this room
for empty longing,

I have never
wanted you


Let's call this Contact Expiration

If I could, 
I would kiss every human I met 
Full on the mouth, eyes gaping 
For the secrets in their variegations. 
Instead of tongues shoved down unvirgin throats, 
We would exchange universes, 
Breathe warm galaxies of fiery stars between our lungs.

Let every contact be incendiary,
Exhale sparks onto this polyester skin of ours, the cloak we shiver into to protect our humanity.
Dread contact
Touching flesh to flesh will burn you,
But it is the only balm that will heal the gaping wounds you keep trying to forget in the centermost crevices of your chest.

I wish eyes could plumb deeper,
Dig the words from my silent tastebuds sometimes,
Because I am no less afraid than you are
That when I bare my skin blue,
You will stand 

and stare...!!!

Flutter The Poem

I wish i could forge you a smile
Pick up a bright red sharpie 
To make a point 
And then stretch it into a crescent 
That would somehow reach your eyes. 

It is no question that you are beautiful 
Even in all your sadness
You are a bird perched on a branch,
Feathers strung through sunlight 
Song sunk in moonshine

But just imagine how breathtaking 
You would be in all your flight 
Pick up that fight and have the audacity to shine
The slightest stutter of your wings 

Would shame the whole goddamn sky...!!!

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