A Love Letter Poem.

I think of you when moments begin to fill with silence.
The sunset catches my eye, and I am brought back to your smile,
Sweet. Twilight. The first time we kissed.

When my footsteps begin to feel monotonous,
The beat reverberates through my body.
You are here in front of me, in my mind, behind my eyes.
Your open palms wildly beat your chest in a rhythm,
The musician in you was never quiet.
Even as your fingers sat still, I could see them eager and waiting,
Melodies causing them to pulsate in impatience.
These small things I noticed, and have since tucked them away in the pocket of my memory,
Saving them for another day.
There are times, I admit it, that I still cry for you.
For the love that was lost,
And the love that you found. 
It is in these moments that I let go of the pain that still lingers,
And the regrets of what could have been.
In these moments, I allow myself
To just love you, once more. 
An indulgence that I do not allow myself.

I find my hands drawn to my closet,
Digging for the picture of us, still framed. 
Frozen in a moment that is still so crisp to me.
And yet, I do not seem to recognize myself. 

I feel you here sometimes,
And can sometimes remember your touch.
But there is nothing I resent more,
Than these lingering memories
That won’t let me forget...!!!

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